About Us

At Moose River Environmental Labs, LLC we perform air quality and water tests for homeowners, real estate professionals, and various contractors.

It's best not to take chances when it comes to ensuring that the air quality and drinking water in your home environment are safe, Contact the team at Moose River Environmental Labs, LLC to provide you with fast and accurate radon air and water quality test results.

We understand the importance of helping homeowners determine whether or not the air and water quality are safe for their family, pets or livestock.  Should a test come back with negative results, you can trust that our team has the education, knowledge and expertise to help with a solution or provide quality advice on how to remedy the issue.

Our team works in of a solar powered facility and takes pride in helping to protect our environment. Let us help to protect you by making sure that your home environment has radon-free air and safe drinking water. Call 1-802-751-5982 to order your test kit.  We look forward to your call and will be to answer any questions you might have about the services we provide.